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Blog - Praying for every home in your neighborhood

Praying for every home in your neighborhood

Posted by Brandon Rodgers on

I’m a pretty private person. I typically go to work and come home. We’ve lived in our neighborhood for almost three years. We have some great neighbors. Our area is pretty quiet. It’s safe. It’s a desirable area for people to live. But overall, I don’t necessarily think we all know each other that well.

Do you know what I mean? You might share a pleasantry here and there, but nothing major happens relationally. I know many people who would say the same about their neighborhoods.

A few weeks ago, our staff was introduced to Bless Every Home. It’s a tool that allows for you to pray for, care, share, and disciple your neighbors. As I signed up for the tool, I was given the names of the men and women who live directly around me. These are people I would say “hello” to, but nothing more than that. I have started to pray for them. The tool sends you an email to pray for 5 of those people, and you can track your progress towards discipleship with every single neighbor. What would happen if God brought someone from death to life through you starting with prayer?!

A couple of weeks ago I was outside of my house, and I said “Hello John.” He looked at me strangely because he had never told me his name and I had never asked for it. It was a little awkward. But this tool has made me more mindful of the people around me. As I pray for them, I am praying that God would stretch me from my private life and push me to be open to being a Gospel-bearer to the men and women directly around me.

Our pastor has asked us to leverage Bless Every Home to pray for our neighbor’s greatest need. The greatest need anyone could have is the Gospel. But every significant revival effort has started and been rooted in prayer.

As we think about You Matter Week coming October 1-4, would you pray now for your neighbors? Would you pray that bold prayer that God would give you a neighbor to bring with you?

Women's Night Tickets

Men's Night Tickets

With all tools, there may be a bit of a learning curve, so I have created this video for you to help you with navigating the site and getting started. I move fast, but you it’s a straightforward application.

For the sake of clarity, Bless Every Home gathers their information from the public record. You may see some duplication of individuals in a home, or you may see the actual owner of a home versus a person who lives there. I wanted to give you some piece of mind there.

So I have two very clear next steps for you. First, sign up and begin to pray for your neighbors. Secondly, would you take the bold step to buy a two-ticket pack to Women’s or Men’s Night ready to ask a neighbor if prompted by the Holy Spirit?

Register for Bless Every Home

Check out the video to learn how to use Bless Every Home.



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