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Blog - The Light is Coming. Advent Guide Week 3

The Light is Coming. Advent Guide Week 3

Posted by Brandon Rodgers on


John 1:9 says, "The true light, which gives light to everyone, was coming into the world."

Brief Explanation

Everyone is born into darkness. The reason so many people search for meaning and don’t find it is because they are searching in the dark. Jesus Christ is the true light! Jesus came into the world and brings light to all. We are given the freedom to become children of God. This is a great gift. Jesus allows us to go from darkness to light. He gives us a way to step out of our sin and into adoption as sons and daughters of God. All we have to do is surrender ourselves to Him as Lord, as Savior, as the True Light!

Application to Advent

As we approach Christmas day, we know that the true light has come into the world. Today, we can look back on the work of Christ and rejoice. However, for many in the Bible, they didn’t know how the story would unfold so they were always looking forward to His coming. They were expecting God to deliver His people. There was an expectancy and anticipation of a great savior. Stop this week and reflect on what it must have been like to anticipate the True Light’s arrival. Thank God that He is here and we now have access to Him!


God, thank You that You sent Jesus into the world to be the True Light. Thank You that You offer salvation, a way out of the darkness, through Jesus. I know I was born in darkness and I’ve stumbled around a lot, but I want to walk in the light. I know that Jesus died on the cross for my sin and darkness, that He rose from the grave, and that through Him I can be forgiven. I confess my need of You, and I ask that You would be the Lord of my life.


Take time to let your light shine in the darkness this week. Go out of your way to be generous to someone else. Pay for a family’s meal in the drive-thru or buy a coworker a cup of coffee. Children could make something to give to their teacher or do someone else’s chores around the house. Use your actions to tell others about Jesus—the true light. The generosity of the Father is the only way we can receive Jesus as the perfect gift.


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