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Blog - Useless Hands

Useless Hands

Posted by Woods Watson on

Why do we say some of the things we say … especially when it comes to our hands? If we want to get married, we ask the woman’s daddy for “her hand in marriage” when we really want all of her. If we applaud a good deed or performance we call it, “giving them a hand”. If we offer help, we refer to it as “lending a hand,” offering a “hand-up” or giving of a “hand-out.” A worker on many farms has been called a “hand” - pointing to the main tool for their labor.

On April 26, 1865, John Wilkes Booth died on the front porch of the Garrett farmhouse near Port Royal, Virginia, having been mortally wounded several hours earlier after Federal troops set fire to the barn where he was hiding and shot him. Sergeant Boston Corbett’s bullet went through Booth’s neck and severed his spinal cord, rendering him paralyzed. He was dragged to the porch and attended there until his death three hours later. Just before he died, Booth asked that his hands be raised to his face. He looked at them and then gasped his last words, “Useless, useless.” In the final moments of his life, President Lincoln’s infamous assassin apparently pondered the value of what had been accomplished with his hands and surmised it was useless.

This reminds us that what is done with our hands will ultimately be judged. How we work and serve will determine our level of rewards. (At the same time, we can also be grateful for those nail-scarred hands of our Lord who worked our salvation from sin!) We want to make sure that when we stand before our Lord that our hands have not been useless.

Prayer point: Please pray for God to use our hands to do significant ministries and to show God’s love to the “one’s” in our life.

Today’s Reading: 1 Peter 4:16-18



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