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Blog - Wales: Free Coffee & Worship in a Pub

Wales: Free Coffee & Worship in a Pub

Posted by Brandon Rodgers on

It was a great first full day of ministry here in Wales.  The team started with a great cup of coffee.  

The Vine Christian Centre (our sponsoring church) is all in.  Members of the church are sacrificing their vacation to serve our team.  One member, an owner of a coffee truck (similar to a Food Truck) is offering free coffee to our team each morning as a sacrificial gift to us.  It's so nice see the body of Christ lift up the message of the Gospel by being supportive. 

Our team is primarily focusing on nursing homes, primary (elementary) schools, and comprehensive (junior high and high) schools.  At the comprehensive schools, each day begins with an assembly with our band.  Then, individuals are teaching a variety of topics in different subject areas.  The primary team visited 3 different schools today.  The nursing home team loved on senior citizens.  It is safe to bet that 500+ people heard the message of the Gospel.

Tonight the Wales band went and played a concert in The Vale of Glenmorgan at the Duke of Wellington Pub. A local church meets in the pub on Sunday nights there.  At the event, two of the Team Impact team also showed off a couple feats of strength. The Gospel was presented. The band ended the night with singing "Amazing Grace/My Chains are Gone." It was an incredible way to cap off a full day.  Grace is what we need. And it's Grace that saves us. Oh to see the Welsh people 

All of this work is an effort to bring kids and adults to a larger scale event where we will share the Gospel and then offer times of response.  Those events will happen later in the week.

Things you can pray for:

1) Rest is still an issue for some. A few of our team arrived today. We are finally complete. Please pray for them as they prepare to go to bed as the post is being written.

2) Pray for unity on the team. God is moving and we're thankful for that.

3) Pray for the three teams, but specifically, pray that God would move open and freely in conversations tomorrow at the Catholic comprehensive school our team will be in.  There will be plenty of conversations that focus in on the Gospel. 


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