A New Way to Fulfill our Mission and vision

The See To It One Fund is the brand new approach to generosity, giving, and stewardship at First West. It’s a radical step of faith towards fulfilling our mission. Historically, we’ve asked our church to give to different efforts throughout our calendar year. Those are our ministry budget, the Transform Fund for missions, and at times, a capital campaign or special project. With the See To It One Fund, we’re calling our church to give to one fund to cover all three emphases.

Think of it in buckets

The See To It One Fund puts the tithes and offerings of the membership of First West into three buckets. Instead of asking the church to give to different initiatives throughout the year, we’re calling our membership to give their tithes and offerings to fill three buckets–Local Ministry (Staff, Buildings, and Ministry), Missions (Cooperative Program, Missionary Partners, and Mission Trips), and a Project (Feazel Chapel Renovation at West Monroe Campus and Fairbanks Campus Parking Lot Upgrades).

We will figure out a monthly budget for all three items (ministry budget, missions and project) and fill each one as we go. The first two buckets (ministry budget and missions) will be filled FIRST each month, with any additional funds deposited in the third project bucket. Beyond that, we will hold some funds in reserve to make up a shortfall in missions or the ministry budget should that occur.

We’re asking our church membership to pray and plan to give their gifts over the span of the 2020-2021 Budget Year (October 2020 – September 2021).

Bucket #1

Local Ministry
$5.25 million

Bucket #2


Bucket #3


Help us See To It by committing to give to the see to it one fund
Total See To It One Fund Need

$6.53 Million

Feazel Chapel Update

Feazel Chapel was built in 1986. While routine maintenance has been done throughout the years, this beautiful area is in need of more major repairs. We want to be good stewards of these facilities with which we’ve been blessed. Feazel is routinely used for LIFE Groups, funerals, weddings, Bible studies and special prayer emphases. It has also been used for special senior adult and college worship events. While we will continue to use Feazel for these types of things, our goal is to have a multipurpose-type facility to reach even more audiences in the days to come.

All the Information You need

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why is now the right time for the see to it one fund?

2020 has not been the year most of us expected. We’ve all been affected in different ways by COVID-19, and our prayers go out to those who’ve suffered loss during this season. Throughout this time your leaders have prayed for clarity in our mission and vision. We believe that the See To It Fund helps us present one fund to accomplish the tasks God is leading us to do in NELA, NOLA and the world.

 As we celebrate 100 years of ministry in October, we believe it’s a God-given moment to reflect on the incredible blessings God has bestowed on our church. Our past has been glorious. But we don’t believe that God is finished with us. We see a bright future ahead and know that now is the time to prayerfully prepare for the next steps in our journey. We believe that a clear mission, vision and strategy along with the See To It Fund helps us get ready for what comes next.

Will missions and the Transform Offering be fully funded?

The answer is YES! In fact, we plan to give more to missions in the coming year than we’ve given in each of the last six years. The See To It Fund includes over $750,000 for all the things normally included in the Transform Offering as well as all the causes previously included in the ministry budget. In past years, we budgeted funds for missions and then also received funds above your regular giving through the Transform Offering. The new approach simply combines both sources of funding into one unified missions funding source.

 We believe that the See To It Fund approach is a strategic shift that helps provide for the long-term vitality and sustainability of what we’ve called our Transform Offering in past years. The goal of the new approach is to increase participation in missions giving inside our church and eventually allow our church to give more for local, state, North American and international missions.

How will the See To It One Fund work practically?

We’ve explained the See To It Fund with the analogy of three buckets. Essentially, the first bucket is the normal ministry budget (ministry programs, people and buildings). The second bucket is missions (previously budgeted missions and the Transform Offering). The third bucket is the project (West Monroe Campus Feazel Chapel and Fairbanks Campus parking lots).

 Since the first two buckets are things we’ve previously funded, we expect to FULLY fund both of those in the year ahead. The reason for that is simple: The generous gifts of God’s people already provide funds to make those ministries happen. The third bucket is a special project bucket. Because this is something new, we may or may not fully fund that bucket. We are asking God to provide those funds and we’re asking you to pray about doing what you can do to help.

How will we know how to fill the buckets up monthly?

We will figure out a monthly budget for all three items (ministry budget, missions and project) and fill each one as we go. The first two buckets (ministry budget and missions) will be filled FIRST each month, with any additional funds deposited in the third project bucket. Beyond that, we will hold some funds in reserve to make up a shortfall in missions or the ministry budget should that occur.

Is Feazel Chapel our first priority?

Feazel Chapel is one of the priorities in our long-range plan for First West facilities. Because we’re concerned about the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on our church and community, we’ve postponed the larger and higher cost facility projects to a later date. We’ve chosen to start with Feazel Chapel because it is a front door for our church in the community (weddings and funerals) and because we can get it completed at a lower cost. In addition, the renovation will allow us to use Feazel as a worship venue during a future Worship Center renovation.

Should we invest money in facilities during covid-19?

We believe that the disruptions caused by COVID-19 will pass and that relational, community-based, in-person ministry will continue to be a vital way we do ministry with current and future generations. God has given us incredible facilities to accomplish our mission and vision, and we believe they will be an important and necessary part of our ministry moving forward. At the same time, we know that how we use those buildings, as well as the decor, aesthetics and functionality of our facilities, may need to change.

 We believe that now is the time to make plans and take steps to get ready for the incredible ministry opportunities we’ll have coming out of COVID-19. The goal is providing every First West Campus with an effective platform to see people changed by the gospel and living out their Christ-centered purpose.

Why are we not moving forward with the West Monroe Production and Worship Center Upgrades?

The West Monroe Campus production and Worship Center upgrades are among the larger expenses in our long-range plan. The broadcast equipment currently in use dates to 2001. You can understand how dated much of that equipment and infrastructure are. In addition, we are proposing significant upgrades to the stage and aesthetics in the room.

 Our original plan was to launch this year’s See To It Fund with the announcement of a visionary, long-range plan that began to address these significant ministry needs sooner. We now believe that it’s prudent to postpone these upgrades while we deal with the impact from COVID-19. But we haven’t wasted these days either. COVID-19 has led us to invest in new equipment to enhance the West Monroe Campus live stream and add streaming capability at our Fairbanks and Calhoun Campuses. These enhancements are intended to help bridge the gap until the large-scale upgrades can take place at a later date.

How are we getting ready for such an aggressive future?

We believe that our staff is well-prepared to lead us into the future. We are blessed with leaders who are gifted, God-fearing and dependent on the Holy Spirit to guide us wherever He chooses to take us. 

Who can I contact?

Should you have questions or need more information about the See To It One Fund, or ministries or future plans, please contact the Executive Office at 318.322.2088 or info@firstwest.cc

Adults at the Calhoun Campus

At our Calhoun campus, we want to connect adults with opportunities to worship, build community, and serve. It’s our threads and it’s who we are. LIFE Groups are a great way to build community. These groups serve as the bridge to a deeper commitment to the life of the church. We have many groups for you to plug into. Groups meet at our campus location on Sunday and in homes during the week.

We also have ways you can serve. There’s a place for you! First West is here to help plug you in to helping us see to it that no one misses the grace of God.


Jason McGuffie
Campus Pastor


Worship 10:30 a.m.

LIFE Groups
9:00 a.m.